2018 Senior Music Awards

Congratulations to all of our EHS Senior Music Award Winners

The following music awards were presented by Mark Dodge, Katelyn Odierna and Jeremy Messmer and Senior Awards Night, June 7th 2018

Quincy Jones Musicianship Award – Olivia Damasco

Leonard Bernstein Musicianship Award – Jesse Lama

John Philip Sousa Band Award – Skylar Reilly

Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award – Kery McGaren

Directors Award for Bane – Karen Yamaguchi  /  Lauren Barbieri

National School Marching Award – Tyler Nardi  /  Jonathan Limekiller

Drum Major Award – Madeline LoBono

1st Chair Awards (Concert Band) – Lauren Barbieri  /  Robert Ferrara  /  Jonathan Limekiller  /  Karen Yamaguchi  /  Oliva Damasco  /  Madeline LoBono  /  Tyler Nardi  /  Skylar Reilly

National School Orchestra Award – Lucia Ragalbuto

First Chair Award (Orchestra) – Lisa Tyrrell  /  Malachi Dube  /  Giulia Mazzella  /  Jesse Lama

Outstanding Commitment to Concert Choir – Paul Evangelista  /  Aleksandra Gallan  /  Skylar Balancia  /  Rina Myeku  /  Heidy Raspillar  /  Marion LoBono  /  Zachary Longua  /  Hazel Grant

Outstanding Commitment to Concert Choir Honorable Mention – Kataya Frye

National School Choral Award – Hazel Grant  /  Zachary Longua

Director’s Award for Orchestra – Lisa Tyrrell  /  Giulia Mazzella  /  Isabelle Shi

Director’s Award for Concert Choir – Melina Fotiadis

THEATER AWARDS (Presented by John Gwardyak)

Player’s Club Award – Jack Murtha  /  Giulia Mazzella

The Player’s Backstage Award – Aleksandra Gallan  /  Anshul Baid

Player’s Club 7-Year Award – Audrey Bader

4 Years Outstanding Performance – Melina Fotiadis  /  Olivia Damasco

Player’s Club Best Stage Manager Ever – Katherine Sidari

Tri-M Inducts New Members

The EHS Chapter of the National Music Honor Society (Tri-M) held their 2nd annual induction ceremony.  Led by Faculty adviser Mark Dodge, the 2017-18 officers passed the baton to the incoming 2018-19 officers and each new member was formally inducted and awarded a certificate of membership.

Outgoing 2017-18 Officers:  Jesse Lama – president; Lisa Tyrrell – vice president; Samantha Dell’Imperio – secretary; Juliet Liao – treasurer; Chris Tyrrell – historian.

Incoming 2018-19 Officers: Samantha Dell’Imperio – president; Juliet Liao – vice president; Chris Tyrrell – Treasurer; Christina Mariani – Secretary; Ashley Tang – Historian.

Members and Inductees: Christina Mariani, Dylan James*, Gianna Filiberti, Jesse Lama, Jimin Hwang*, Juliet Liao, Melina Fotiadis, Nicole Liao, Joe Gentile, Brian Smyth, David Ewing, Dominic Reisman, James Poletti, Junko Abe,  Rico-ian Banting* , Kotaro Umemoto, Victoria Crecco*, Ashley Tang, Chris Tyrrell, Kyoko Saito*, Lisa Tyrrell, Lucia Regalbuto, Manami Tsukamoto, Michael Fang*, Rei Koyama*, Samantha Dell’Imperio, Sofia Mottura*, Wesley Miller*  (*New member/Inductee)

Attendees were treated to performances by talented EHS student musicians including a vocal performance (Melina Fotiadis, singing the National Anthem), a string ensemble (Kotaro Umemoto – violin; Lisa Tyrrell, – Viola; Jimin Hwang – Cello; Jesse Lama – cello),  a flute duet (Juliet and Nicole Liao), and a Jazz trio (David Ewing, James Poletti, Brian Smyth).

Congratulations to all!

Way to go!

Congratulations to our EHS student musicians and their fabulous ensemble directors  — the Band, Chorus and Orchestra had a tremendously successful day at the Music in the Parks competition Saturday, April 28th.  Eastchester competed against 9 schools from across the country, and secured first place in each of their divisions:
  • The EHS Orchestra secured 1st place superior rating in the AA classification AND Best overall orchestra in all classifications.
  • The EHS Band secured 1st place excellent rating in the AA classification.
  • The EHS Chorus secured 1st place excellent rating in the AA classific.
Go, Eagles!

Photos, clockwise from top left: The entire group; the trophies won; Band; Orchestra; Chorus.

This Friday!

Arts after High School
Turn a passion into a profession
Students and families – join us for an informative and fun evening spent with EHS Alumni working in the arts — a one-of-a-kind event and a great chance for students interested in the arts to learn what it means to pursue the arts after high school.
Friday, January 12
EHS Library
Co-sponsored by Eastchester Music Boosters and the EHS Alumni Association
Keynote Speaker
David Viviano, Eastchester parent and Chief Economist for SAG-AFTRA
As David says, “my full-time job is ensuring that performing artists in various fields can make a living.”
EHS Alumni Speakers
Mike McCann Tauss – Class of 1972 – Radio Broadcasting Professional WFAN
Cathy Carapella – Class of 1978 – Archival Filmaker, Global ImageWorks
Larry Berglas – Class of 1972 – Arts Law Attorney
Jeff Croiter – Class of 1989 – Tony award winning Lighting Designer
Tammy Zohar – Class of 1989 – VP production, Big Fish Entertainment
Brandon Salerno – Class of 2012 – Professional Actor
Rebecca Fix – Class of 2011 – School Orchestra Teacher
Jared M. Gordon – Class of 1998 – Screenwriter, Creative Director

Careers in the Arts 2017

When: Friday, Jan.12 (7pm)
Where: EHS Library
What: A fabulous one-of-a-kind event bringing EHS alumni in the Arts together to share their experiences and advice with current students. 
Who: K-12 Eastchester students, families, staff, faculty and alumni.
Check out the lineup!
  • Keynote Speaker: David Viviano – Chief Economist, SAG-AFTRA
  • Mike McCann (Class of ’72) – WFAN Broadcaster, Sports Update Anchor
  • Larry Berglas (Class of ’72) – Entertainment Law Attorney
  • Tammy Zohar (Class of ’89) – VP Production, Big Fish Entertainment
  • Jared M. Gordon (Class of ’98) – Screenwriter, Actor, Creative Director, Winter Twilight Productions
  • Cathy Carapella (Class of ’78) – Archival Filmmaker, Global ImageWorks
  • Rebbec Fix (Class of ’11) – School Orchestral Director
  • Brandon Salerni (Class of ’12)- Actor, Producer, Writer
  • Jeff Croiter (Class of ’89) – Tony Award Winning Lighting Designer
  • Pierre Piscitelli (Class of ’09), Professional Musician 
 For more information: ehsartscareers@gmail.com
Careers in the Arts 2017