Senior Music Awards

Congratulations to the following Eastchester HS Seniors who received Music Awards (June 18, 2015):

Award Recipient
Quincy Jones Musicianship Award Jackson James
National School Orchestra Award Sumire Komuro
John Philip Sousa Band Award Gabe Cohen
National School Choral Award Caroline Blute
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award Yasmeen Safaie
Players Club Award Adam Browne
Backstage Award Natalie Tee, KellyAnne Bonano
Woody Herman Jazz Award Russell McGahren-Clemons, Jackson James
Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award John Mastroberardino, Matt Salerno
Directors Award for Band Rory Murtagh, Brittany Solano, Natalie Tee
Directors Award For Orchestra Brendan Faherty, Dave Barto, Jonah Murasso
Directors Award for Chorus Alison Deane, Douglas Winkelmann
Directors Award for Jazz Band Rory Murtagh,Matt Salerno
Directors Award for Players Club Eve Lott
Best of the Best Players Club Caroline Blute
National School Marching Award Russell McGahren-Clemons, Edward Gruber
Drum Major Gabe Cohen
First Chair Awards – Orchestra Sumire Komuro, Jake James, Yasmeen Safaie, Danielle Barry, Jonah Murasso, Stephen Huvane
First Chair Awards – Concert Band Gabe Cohen, Brittany Solano, Russell McGahren-Clemons, Brian O’Neill, Matthew Salerno, Rory Murtagh, Edward Gruber
NYSSMA Award Brendan Faherty

Congratulations Jazz Band Seniors!

Thank you for your years of commitment and hard work as part of Jazz Band and for sharing your musical talent with us all – wishing you continued success at college!
The Class of 2015 Jazz Band Seniors/Officers are:

Yasmeen Safaie – Piano (President);  McGill University

Russell McGahren-Clemens  – Alto Saxophone 1 (Vice President);  Duke University

Rory Murtagh –  Trombone 1 (Secretary);  Manhattan College

Matt Salerno – Trumpet 1 (Treasurer);  New York University

James Gibson – Tenor Saxophone 2  (Librarian);  Vassar College

Jake James – Bass; Queens College

Looking forward: 2015-2016

Thank you to all of our members for your incredible support as we worked to get this group off the ground. We could not have done it without the support of the music faculty, staff, administration, student representatives and the many parent volunteers who stepped forward to help. We look forward to continued success next year and hope that everyone in our district (K-12) who has an interest in music education, feels welcome to bring his/her ideas and talents to the table.

Here are the members of the 2015-2016 Executive Board:

  • Diane Lama, President
  • Marlo Hunter, Vice-President
  • Sara Fischer-Gerol, Secretary
  • Rose Poletti, Treasurer
  • Lorraine Verge, Hospitality Chair
  • Beverly Ma, Membership Chair
  • Serene Saab, Communications Chair
  • Dawn Tyrrell, PTA Council Rep

Minutes – May 20th 2015

General Membership Meeting Minutes – May 20, 2015

Diane (President) Presented:

  • Self-Nomination Forms available for Board Positions
    • Secretary
    • Communications Chair
    • PTA Council Representative
  • We had the 8th grade band reach Gold for the Middle School NYSMA
  • Web page update
    • Resource page is up
      • Want to add to the page the requirement to join various groups
      • All County/All State/NYSSMA
        • Due dates for forms
      • Scrap book section
        • Will have pictures/videos from events posted
          • However need to have the full name of the students in the pictures because one needs to check to see if they are on the school district’s list of not to be published.
        • In the future all course offerings will be listed on the web page
          • New class being added in the high school – Digital Composition
        • Bantered about using other Social Media Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
        • Diane mentioned Olsen was thinking of having a Mash-up at lunch periods
          • Maybe get teachers involved in the music performances either at the mash up or the suggestion of having a music cabaret night
        • This year the 2 of the PTAs paid for NYSSMA medals for the middle and high school students. Next year the fee will be added to the NYSSMA Registration form, like it is at the elementary level.
        • In the high school a Chapter of the Music Honor Society will be added
          • Olsen and Mr. Dodge will be in charge, details not yet determined
        • Olsen & Dodge are considering having a Music Award Night
          • It might be in the form of a Mini-Grammy with student performances between award presentations
          • If planned, will need a chairperson to coordinate
        • Elementary kids will be getting certificates of recognition for participation in Band, Chorus and Orchestra. Dr. Moran has signed them all personally.
          • This came about because the parents were upset that on the electronic report card there was no mention of students participating in the Band, Orchestra or Chorus programs.
          • Need volunteer to assist putting gold music seals on them (500+ certificates). Gold seals were purchased by Music Boosters to enhance the certificates.
        • Cano of Crestwood Music has purchased and donated 20 stand lights to the HS Music Department. The value of the donation $740.00. These lights will allow our student musicians to perform in poorly lit environments such as outdoor evening performances and stage accompaniment.
        • Starting to put together the schedule of meetings for next year
          • The teachers would like to attend, but evening times are difficult for them. We might have some meetings occur in the afternoon so they can attend.
        • Fundraising ideas
          • Can sell at the middle school and high school events, were not able to at the elementary ones due to some faculty concern that it would be disruptive.
          • Suggestions bantered about were
            • Car magnets, t-shirts, ties, jewelry, mugs, car wash, player book similar to the sports books
            • Cano offered his space for us to use for anything.
          • Music Booster forms will be going in the mailings that go out over the summer for the high school and maybe the other schools.
          • Performances: Discussed the interruptions and inconsideration of adults going in and out during the concerts. – We should have a sign on the doors like the Player’s Club does reminding them that a performances is in progress.

Lorraine (Hospitality Chair) Presented:

  • Hospitality Update we made $342.00 from selling doughnuts, water etc. at the high school and middle school concerts
  • We were at the elementary concerts but we were not allowed to sell.
  • Would like people to do baking for our general meetings.
  • We need representatives from the choral groups.
  • Linens were donated for jazz Café.
    • They will be dropped off and picked up
    • The donation is open ended – when we have an event that needs linens we can have them.

Dawn (Membership Chair) Presented:

  • 131 people on the master list at the moment
  • Maybe we should have on the elementary school forms, students fill out to sign up for band etc., a section for the parents to give us their email address so we can add them to the booster list.

Rose (Treasurer) Presented:

  • We have $342.00 (prior to reimbursing board members for outlay over the past few months)
  • Will be opening up a checking account

Marlo (VP) Presented:

  • We want the students to feel comfortable and welcomed at these meetings
  • Introduced Student Members of the Boosters
    • Matt Tani, 10th Grade, Piano and Tenor Sax
      • Suggested to do something like the Player’s Club Cabaret
        • Discussion ensued to explain the Cabaret to the people not familiar with the high school’s programs that involve music such as Operation Smile, Rock Against Cancer, Dancing With Our Stars, etc
      • Volunteered to set up a Facebook Page
    • Kyoko Saito, 6th Grade Violinist
      • Would like to play for the younger students
    • Stephen DeLotto, 6th Grade Trumpeter
      • Suggested small club to be formed for music lessons/study
    • Nanditha Kumar, 6th Grade, Clarinet and Piano
      • No suggestions at the moment
    • Minnie Montagna, 6th Grade, Alto Saxophone and Singer
      • Suggested an improvement to our website – remove underlines from text to avoid assumption that it is a hyperlink.
    • Alex Del Brocco, 6th Grade Trumpeter
      • Would like more popular music in the curriculum

Diane: Closed with the reminder of the upcoming Jazz Café on May 27th in the middle school cafeteria, starting at 7pm

  • Suggestion was made to reach out to the alumni association to have them announce it as well since it is open to the public.
  • Sara Fischer-Gerol volunteered to reach out to Judy Fixx to have it put there.

High School Music Awards

Congratulations to all of the students who received music awards at the High School Awards Night, May 28th:

First Chair Award, Orchestra – Takeshi Kubota

First Chair Award, Concert Band – Jillian Quigley

Outstanding Section Leader, Choir – Nicole Ferrara, Hazel Grant, Matthew Demarco, Yu Uemura

Outstanding 9th Grade Band Student – Olivia Damasco

Outstanding 9th Grade Orchestra Student – Jesse Lama

Most Improved 9th Grade Band Student – Madeline LoBono

Most Improved 9th Grade Orchestra Student – Dylan James

Outstanding 10th Grade Band Student – Matthew Tani

Outstanding 10th Grade Orchestra Student – Hiroko Abe

Most Improved 10th Grade Band Student – Cindy Lin

Most Improved 10th Grade Orchestra Student – Kureha Masuda

Outstanding 11th Grade Band Student – Jillian Quigley

Outstanding 11th Grade Orchestra Student – Sandra Chilson

Most Improved 11th Grade Band Student – Kathryne Gerol

Most Improved 11th Grade Orchestra Student – Cathrena Collins

NYSSMA Awards – Yoshika Maeta, Cathrena Collins, Sophia Ottavino, Matthew Tani, Hiroko Abe, Andrew Cade, Sandra Chilson, Jacqueline Verge, Kureha Masuda, Karen Yamaguchi, Stefano Pscitelli, Jessica Marley, Raffaela Cicchetti

Player’s Club Award – Kyle McIntyre

Director’s Award for Player’s Club – Sebastian Maroun