Oct 6th, 2016 – Meeting Minutes

Music Boosters Meeting

October 6, 2016


8th grader Kyoko Saito treated us to an exquisite violin performance as the meeting opened.

Membership Report

Membership mailing list at 290, up by 90 from earlier this year.

Music Department Chair K-12

Currently our district does not have a Music Department Chair, unlike the other academic areas. We discussed that Mark is covering a lot of work and admin duties that a music chair would usually handle. Just a few examples: coordinating membership renewals and money, NYSSMA, senior awards.

A Music Department Chair would also strengthen the communication/coordination across the music program, K-12.

Position would require one free period when not teaching and whatever the stipend is.  Next step – draft a petition.

MS/HS Band Parents A new position will be created for the 2017-2018 school year on the Music Boosters Board – MS/HS Band Chairperson – that will coordinate band parent efforts to support Mark Dodge with performance/travel opportunities for the MS and HS Bands. Particularly important as he plans the next five years – his ideas include Music in the Parks (eg: Six Flags), possibly the White House, Disney.

Tri-M – National Music Honor Society

NYSSMA is a requirement for National Music Honor Society

The Solo festival – all instruments including piano, voice.  Festival schedule now available on our website.

Treasurer Report

Total coming into 2016-2017: $1100.00

Costs for 5K – approximately $400.

Current Treasury total: $700.

Music Scholarship

Discussed a music scholarship to give to seniors. We would outline guidelines for the recipient but not make already busy seniors have to fill out too many forms. Amount to be determined. Perhaps have a 50-50 raffle at the jazz and concert to raise additional funds.

Hospitality Report

Winter concert planning. Agree to have donuts and water donated based on the sales success of last year. To donate, for any of the upcoming concerts, email Lorraine Verge, ltrap2192@verizon.net

HS Band Uniforms

Our HS Band uniforms are 30 years old and needs replacing. One of our science teachers organizes the NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade and our kids could march. However, our uniforms are old and in poor shape.

New uniforms would cost $800 each and we need 60.

(Sidebar fun idea: Sell “I’m with the band” t-shirts to raise money. Perhaps we have a competition or ask an artist to design or our own talented co-publicity chair, Lynn.)

Meeting Dates Overview

Doug Zantay’s presentation from last year mentioned – very well received, gave information about the growth of the elementary bands and elementary musician participation in NYSSMA.’

Scheduled so far this year:

  • December meeting – presentation by Annemarie Smith
  • April Meeting – presentation by Ms. Katherine Ness

Suggestions to attract more members to meetings:

-Advertise that a student’s teacher will be here

-E-blast the parents (thank you, Minnie for the good suggestion)

Mark discussed the Barnes & Noble soon to open concept store at Vernon Hills.  B&N have invited HS students to play on November 10 at 4pm.

And about that 5K…drumroll please:

$16,000 Raised !!! The Music Boosters booth looked fabulous, the sweeps garnered TK entries for the chance to win six great prizes. We’ll explore having a booth next year because it’s good exposure. We truly appreciated Dr. Moran’s lovely opening remarks.

Diane, Rose, Mark, Dr. Hatter, Dr. Capuano and Mr. Wynne will convene next week to discuss the music faculty wish list.  As Mark noted, if you invest in the best instruments they will last for many years.

Dr. Moran

On Friday, 10/14 Dr. Moran is being honored at The Fountainhead by the Sons of Italy.

Home Improvement

Music Boosters is continually striving to improve the website and make it the ultimate hub for all things music. The faculty and parents are asked to submit anything they feel will benefit our district’s children and/or parents.  Email submissions to: easthestermusicboosters@gmail.com

Meeting Tonight!

Join us for the first meeting of the year –  Mingle, chat, volunteer – learn about what is in store for music this year and help us plan for the future!

Tonight we will also be announcing how much the Music Boosters will be receiving from the Eastchester 5K – don’t miss it!

7:30pm, HS/MS Band Room