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Show you school music spirit!  Stand with the Eastchester Music Boosters Banner and march along with the High School Marching Band in the Annual St. Patrick’s Parade! Details below, or join us at our next meeting for more info.


Local Competition for Student Composers

Calling All Student Composers!  Deadline: March 1st   

HEAR IT LIVE! at Concordia Conservatory
What is it?
Hear it Live! is a showcase concert hosted by Concordia Conservatory for student composers & songwriters in elementary, middle and high school. All composers will receive a recording of their work and the concert is free and open to the public. The concert will take place at the Sommer Center on the campus of Concordia College, in Bronxville, NY.
What are the rules?
Hear it Live! is open to composers and songwriters ages 8-18 in elementary, middle or high school in the greater Westchester area. Eligible pieces will be written for (1) the Hear it Live ensemble (piano, flute, two violins, viola, & cello), or (2) your own performers. Composers and songwriters must plan to attend the concert at Concordia College on May 19, 2017 at 7:00 PM.
How do I enter?
Submit a composition either (1) Utilizing the 2016 Hear it Live Ensemble (piano, flute, two violins, viola, & cello), in any combination of 1-5 performers or (2) A composition for which you can supply your own performers. Works should be submitted by March 1, 2017
Fill out the application online at
And then submit an mp3 recording (if you have one) and a score and/or lyric sheet (as a pdf) to Matt Van Brink via mvb@concordia-ny-edu. Chosen works will be selected for the performance.
What are the prizes?
A prize of US$75 each will be given to the most accomplished composition in each of two categories (1) elementary school and middle-school aged composers, and (2) high school-aged composers. The prizes will be adjudicated by a panel of established composers and teaching artists.

For more information…
Contact Dr. Matt Van Brink, Head of Composition & Songwriting
914-395-4507 /

January 2017 Minutes

Eastchester Music Boosters – Meeting Notes

 Tuesday, January 17, 2017 – Eastchester High School Library

Eastchester Music Boosters President, Diane Lama, opened the meeting and distributed the following agenda.


  • Website/Facebook: Lynn will help to make both sites more pleasing to the eye.
  • Membership – sign-up methods: while many people signed up for our mailing list, it was difficult to read the handwriting so we have not been able to reach everyone.  We should consider better ways to capture contact information, perhaps use tablets in the future.
  • Concert Program – oversight – we will need to reach out to faculty with our logo and contact information for insertion in the programs well before the Spring concerts.
  • Communications/student achievement: We learned that an EMS student’s original composition was performed at Lincoln Center as part of a Young Composers Concert.  It is helpful for us to know about exciting achievements like this so we can help get the word out and provide support.
  • Hall of Fame/Wall of Honor: the Middle School principal approved this idea.  The date of June 16 at 7pm is on the school calendar for a possible awards ceremony.  The Hall of Fame can be changed on a monthly basis.

 2017 Events

  • Jazz Café – Rose described the plans and décor for this year’s event that is scheduled on 2/9. Last year, about 100 people attended.
  • Spring Concerts
  • Instrument program at Waverly, 3/6-10: Dr. Cano loans instruments to Mrs. Ness for use in all Waverly music classes, K-1.
  • June Event – Music Awards Night: We need to define this event that is on the school calendar.
  • Careers in the Arts: This wonderful event will be scheduled for next year.

Music Scholarship Application

Scholarship will be rolled out this year for an EHS Senior who plans to major or minor in music.

2017-2018 Board

  • Openings/Changes: Diane reiterated that she will step down at the end of the academic year and she encouraged Board members to consider trying a new and different position.
  • NEW – Band Parent/Event Coordinator: Mr. Dodge needs a position like this for band trips.
  • Strategy for filling posts


  • The MS Band is working with another district, working on a combined piece.
  • We need to invite people to submit stories/information about the accomplishments of our students and music information more generally.
  • One possible outreach method is to buy an ad in the school play program.
  • We should display signage at concerts to encourage the audience to be quiet and move away from the doors.
  • $129 was raised by selling donuts and water at the winter concerts.

JOIN the discussion at our next meeting: Tuesday, March 7th at 7:30pm (HS Library)  ALL WELCOME!