A Day in the Life…

What does a Music Teacher do all day?  Join us and find out!  Thursday, December 1st, 7:30pm, HS Library.  All students and parents welcome!



Music Boosters puts the Eastchester 5K Funds to Work

With the deepest gratitude to the Eastchester 5K Committee, we are happy to announce that the following faculty wish list items have been purchased for our school music program:

2 Choral Risers – Greenvale Chorus (Mrs. Smith)
Agogo Bells – Waverly – General Music (Mrs. Ness)
Baritone Sax – Elementary Band (Mr. Zantay)
Bass Clarinet – Elementary Band (Mr. Zantay)
Conga Set with Bongos – Elementary Band (Mr. Zantay)
Intermediate Cello – EHS Orchestra (Ms. Odierna)
Karaoke Machine – EMS/EHS – Adaptive Music (Mr. Gedge)
Ocean Drum – Waverly – General Music (Mrs. Ness)
Parachute – Waverly – General Music (Mrs. Ness)
Sax Reeds / Clarinet Reeds – Elementary Bands (Mr. Zantay)
Tubano – Waverly – General Music (Mrs. Ness)
Vibraphone – EMS/EHS Bands and Orchestras (Mr. Dodge)
Vibratone – Waverly – General Music (Mrs. Ness)

Thank you Eastchester 5K!