June 3rd Event: Careers in the Arts!

Join us for Eastchester School District’s 1st 
Careers in the Arts night! 
Friday, June 3rd at 7pm, EHS Library.

Speakers include:

1. David Viviano, Chief Economist for SAG-AFTRA (the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television & Radio Artists).
2. Cathy Carapella (EHS Alum, 1978) – Archival Film Producer
3. Pierre Piscitelli (EHS Alum, 2009) – Full-time Musician
4. Gina Zohar – Eastchester Art faculty
5. Jen Berger (EHS Alum, 2014) – Student, BFA Theatre Arts
6. Katherine Ness – Eastchester Music Faculty
7. Kimberly Giannelli (EHS Alum, 2001) – Professional Dancer
8. Mike McCann Tauss (EHS Alumn, 1972) – Radio Sports Anchor
9. Rebecca Fix (EHS Alum, 2011) – Elementary Music Teacher

Plus, attendees receive a booklet including career advice from 25+ alumni, incluidng
-Professional Photographer
-Hollywood Stunt Coordinator
-Senior Art Appraiser
-Cinematographer/Chief Lighting Technician/Key Grip/Producer
-Business Manager, Art Glass Manufacturer
-Food Network – Ad Sales Assistant
-Theater major/Dance Minor
-Full-time Actor
-Broadcast Technician
-Art Therapist / SUNY New Paltz Professor
-High School Art Teacher
-College Student – Arts Administration/Dance
-Film Production Assistant
-Part-Time Ballroom Teacher/Law school student
-Theatrical Artistic Director
-Professional Dancer
-College Student – Entertainment Management Major/Nonprofit Studies Minor
-CBS Radio Broadcaster / Total Traffic and Weather
-Stage manager/Technical Director for Stephen Lang
-Television and Film Director/Screenwriter
-Senior Media Coordinator
…and faculty members Katherine Ness, Gina Zohar, James Gedge and Doug Zantay

This event is free and open to all Eastchester students and parents.For more information:ehsartscareers@gmail.com or eastchestermusicboosters@gmail.com


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