March 2016 Minutes

Music Booster Meeting Minutes

March 29, 2016

  1. Welcome
    1. Greeted the family members that were in attendance for the performance their children were going to do
      1. Explained the purpose of the Music Boosters
        1. Described our on-line presence including where to find the minutes on line etc.
        2. Board openings were discussed too
        3. Described how we have helped the music teachers so far- Ms. Ness and coordinated the loan of instruments from Dr. Cano to her program to demonstrate to the children.
      2. Explained the June Event- Career in the Arts
        1. Alumni in Arts and Music to speak to students and be available to chat one on one to them about where one can go career wise in the areas of Art and Music and how they got there.
      3. Performance by a flute ensemble.
        1. Jazz Zantay arranged, for the fifth graders and one fourth grader from Anne Hutch, a piece of music from Disney’s Tangled.
        2. The performance was well done
  1. Presentation on the State of of the Eastchester Elementary Bands by Mr. Zantay
    1. Anne Hutch School
      1. Growth over the past two years. In 2014 there were 65 students and now 80 in the band
      2. Had to order more stands and music because of the growth
    2. Greenvale School
      1. Growth over the past year. In 2015 68 students and in 2016 there are 97. Running out of room in the room for the students to practice in.
    3. NYSSMA
      1. Last year 8 students
      2. This year 10 students

Handouts from that evening: Greenvale Charts  Anne Hutch Charts  Instruments

  • This year four sixth graders made Elementary All County
  1. Applying for grants to get instruments into the building
  2. Music is getting more challenging for the students and more of an interest to them
    1. For example more Disney will be in the program for the Spring Concerts,
  3. Overall the elementary band program is in good shape.
    1. Would like to get more students interested in a variety of different instruments such as double reed ones. Diversity is coming about though
    2. Would like to have lights improved in the Anne Hutch auditorium
  • Would like Smartboard or similar internet interactive system into the band rooms for students to see, hear etc. the music.
  1. General Discussion – Diane Lama-
    1. Ron hatter is working on getting Participation in Orchestra/Chorus/Band onto the elementary report cards. Dr. Moran and all do not feel it is appropriate to assign grades at this age level
    2. A third grade parent suggested that it would be nice for the parents to see the same presentation the third graders see to get an introduction to the instruments etc.
    3. Discussion was had about the MS and HS schedule and the students being able to fit multiple music participation into their schedule. Speak to guidance and on individual basis accommodations have been done, again depending on scheduling and the needs of the individual students.
    4. There is a huge drop off of students who participate in the music program some of it is natural interest. The other reason is fitting all the academics that the students want and the conflicts in fitting music in as well.
    5. Summer camp program at the Westchester County Center was brought up. Information on the program can be found on the Westchester government Website. Mr. Zantay is one of the teachers. It is a great way for students to learn and grow in their instruments and to try others. Here is also a Fine Arts Program there too. If your child signs up for both the day becomes a full day experience for them. Otherwise each is a half day program.
  2. Hospitality- Lorraine
    1. Will be sending out an email for donations of water etc. for the concerts
  3. Money Raising Ideas and Purpose of Music Booster discussed
    1. Talked about maybe doing a minimum donation and get a magnet in return. Similar to the PBS fund raising style. Treasurer Report:
    2. Purpose of Music Boosters is to enlighten the community about the Arts and Music opportunities for the students in our schools.
    3. To build resources for the students and teacher to access