February 2016 Minutes

Music Booster Minutes

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

  1. Website Update:
    1. Student performance page for parents to post the pictures they took of the performances they attended
      1. At the moment the Tri-M is posted on it
    2. The meeting Minutes now has its own page on the website for easier reading and referring back to past ones
    3. Local government station has the Valentine’s Day Concert for seniors in its cycle.
  2. Friday, June 3, 2016 is still the target date for the Careers in Arts Night
    1. Wondered if the Middle School Guidance Counselors should come to the evening.
      1. Consensus felt it was more appropriate for the high school counselors to be present since they are the ones more active in the college process
      2. Marco Monteagudo and Heather Reiley (HS Guidance Counselors) have agree to attend
    2. Alumni Organization ready to help promote and email to the alumni to assist in finding alumni to speak/present that evening
    3. Eastchester CAC willing to assist any way needed- Rob Cartalano
    4. Committee is forming – our deadline was March 1st, but we will not turn anyone away.
      1. Committee members as of 2/23 – Mark dodge and Marylou Montagna
    5. Parent in attendance, who is a high school teacher elsewhere mentioned that students should put together “supplemental” with their applications to show case their art or music talent as part of the application process
    6. Invite the faculty to attend the event too because may be they can encourage the students to attend
    7. Main focus is the alumni association
    8. Include on the district blast because there may be connections in other buildings
    9. On our ad include careers not just the typical ones in arts and music, but also side ones such as lawyers, business, accounting etc. that are connected to the industries.
  3. Elementary Music Certificates
    1. Printed /Supplied by the school district- Ron Hatter
    2. Estimated quantity : 500 Chorus, 180 Band, and 100 Orchestra – 800 total
    3. Gold Music Seals cost $61.25 including shipping from Jonesawards.com
  4. Other Topics
    1. MS Ness getting instruments for her from Dr. Cano
    2. Mr. Dodge loaning percussion instruments to MS Ness
    3. Want to communicate to the parents in Waverly about the importance of music.
    4. Debated including in the letter about the local music schools
    5. A letter was created outside of the meeting and sent to the parents
    6. Suggestion to have professional musicians come into the school to work with the students similar to Artist in Residence that came to work with the AP Art students.
      1. Funding possibilities- Community Fund
      2. PTA
      3. Eastchester School Foundation
    7. Rock against Cancer Event was mentioned as a reminder of being an upcoming event. March 4th
    8. How can musicians find each other to form bands was asked- no solution given

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