January 2016 – Meeting Minutes

Music Booster Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2016


  1. Update on winter concert season:
    1. Sold a lot of water and donuts as well as Vespa tickets (Eastchester School Foundation fund raiser)
    2. Noise levels were decreased but not as well for all concerts
  2. Treasurer Report:
    1. $227.00 in the bank
    2. $409 .00 in cash
    3. $636.00 in total
  3. Jazz Café
    1. Date January 21, 2016
    2. There will be art work by the AP students on display- Ms. Johnson will have them set up in advance
    3. Table cloths, paper products, center pieces, and other staples on their way from our various members
    4. Water and Coffee a charge
      1. Water free to the students performing
    5. Dodge coordinated the donation of food-
      1. Middle School baked goods
      2. High School – fruit, vegetables, cheese and crackers etc.
  • He sent out notice to the parents of Jazz Ensemble students.
  1. Start setting up around 5:30 – Rose will call Mr. Wynn to confirm time
    1. Nothing on their website at the moment other than TBD
    2. Olsen will be sending forms out this week
  2. Recognitions
    1. Aryas Safiae – Junior in EHS will be performing in Carnegie hall- concert is sold out. He will be singing Opera
    2. Awaiting the list of students from Mr. Olsen and Mr. Dodge for the All county students
  3. Membership
    1. The list from the concerts has not been looked at yet
    2. Numbers remain the same
  4. Fund Raising
    1. Spoke about the car magnets but no decisions were made
      1. Company is pushing an order of 500
      2. Sara mentioned that may be too many. One has to remember that there are siblings involved in music therefore how many will a family actually buy
    2. Minnie suggested while we were together at the table at the concerts why not do a 3-D magnet for refrigerators etc. cost etc. needs to be looked at.
  5. Upcoming Events
    1. Patrick’s Day Parade march 13th
      1. Our own Dr. Murtha-Dooley will be the Grand Marshall
    2. New Ideas
      1. Moran was in attendance and brought up the following suggestion for the Music Boosters
        1. Have Professional Musicians in residence similar to the Artist in Residence program that the Art Department had for the AP students. ( the art work for the jazz Café is the product of it)
          1. Lincoln Center may be a source or through Skype etc.
          2. Have the Professionals talk to the students as well as work with ensembles
        2. Alumni Evening
          1. Agreed that we need to turn our attention to it after the jazz Café
        3. PTA council Report
          1. None- That meeting was occurring after ours