October 2015 Minutes

Music Booster Meeting Minutes

October 27, 2015


  1. Upcoming winter concert season:
    1. Will be setting up a table at the concerts to promote us and will sell at the concerts that we will be allowed to sell. We will do donuts and water again.
      1. Waiting to hear back from Dr. Capuano for permission
    2. The table will be set up in the same spot that Player’s Club sets up their refreshments.
      1. Looking for volunteers to main the table at the concerts
        1. It would be great if it was people who did not have children performing that evening
        2. If it is people who have children performing that evening then swap off so parents can hear their child’s performance group.
      2. Suggestion was made for setting up an area for people to congregate and eat in to keep trash from going into auditorium
        1. To get people use to it before the upgrades are done
      3. Will be putting up signage like the Player’s Club does asking for Quiet and Respect from the people milling about outside the auditorium since voices carry and ruins the experience for those inside listening to their children performing.
        1. Try to keep area near the doors clear – maybe congregate in the lower part of the hallway.
        2. Send reminders out before the performances asking the audience to be respectful of the performance going on inside.
  • The Player’s Club is able to control the noise level outside it should translate to these performances too.
    1. Mary Ellen Barbieri volunteered to work on the etiquette communication format: flier or announcement or poster or speech
  1. Promotion of the Music Booster Organization
    1. Looking for someone to update or redesign our flier
    2. Ms. Nesh offered to put us on the back of the program to announce our existence.
      1. Mary Ellen Barbieri volunteered to do the flier
    3. Membership Report
      1. Over 200
      2. Gmail not updated yet- it is in progress
    4. Student Rep Update
      1. The two present declined speaking.
      2. One was absent due to death in the family
        1. Music Booster Board Members deciding on appropriate expression of condolences
      3. PTA Council Update
        1. Focus was on the Bond since the meeting was prior to the bond Vote
        2. This led to discussion with Mr. Dodge as to what the Bond had in store for the Auditorium
          1. Space of the Band room will not be changing and it is tight when all are present
          2. New stage floor
  • LED lights for the stage and house
  1. Sound system in the auditorium
  1. Faculty Outreach
    1. Jeremy Messmer (MS/HS Chorus)
      1. Getting the Vocal after school groups going
    2. Katherine Ness (Waverly)
      1. Coordinating with Dr. Cano for the family of instruments loan.
      2. Need a volunteer or two to transport the instruments when Ms. Ness is ready.
    3. Mark Dodge (MS Band, HS Tri-M)
      1. Explained the Honor Society
      2. 23 members at the moment
      3. Need to do Fund Raising to pay for Induction
        1. Pins
        2. Honor Society Ropes for the Graduates
      4. Booked March 6th at the Eastchester Library for the Honor Society Members to perform
      5. Going to do some caroling
      6. Looking into setting up a Website that will be linked to District Website.
    4. Jazz Band
      1. Winter Concert will be a Café forum in the Middle School Cafeteria
        1. Asked Mr. Dodge if the officers would like a say in the theme/décor
          1. The adults will put it together
  1. Miscellaneous:
    1. Should have signs up when our groups perform outside of the auditorium – out in the community- maybe like the yard signs or something.
    2. Alumni
      1. Becky Fix called and would like to help out
      2. The idea of having alumni speak about their careers in Music /Arts/Sports is a go- just need to get it organized and off the ground.
    3. Program to connect unwanted instruments in people’s homes to students in need
      1. Mr. Cartolano mentioned maybe the Friends of the Library might be able to help out with the key issue of storage
      2. Asked if Mr Dodge could evaluate the instruments
  • There is a repair person in Yonkers willing to repair- Virgil ?????
    1. He is reasonably priced