March 24, 2015 – General Meeting Summary

LOGO VOTE: We decided to put the Music Boosters logo vote to the students after determining the top 3 designs from the initial votes submitted by parents, admin and teachers. Final logo design will be announced at the next general meeting: April 28th, 7:30pm, MS Cafeteria.

Elementary Musician Recognition: Dr. Hattar joined us to discuss his ideas for recognizing our elementary band, chorus and orchestra participants. He is researching the possibility of reflecting participation in these elementary music performance groups on the Greenvale and Anne Hutchinson report cards. In addition, Dr. Hattar would like to work with us to help organize the distribution of “Certificates of Participation” to all elementary band, chorus and orchestra members at the end of each school year. This will likely begin this June. Mr. Zantay, our Elementary Band Director, suggested combining the two elementary schools for a joint music participation award ceremony. Details have not yet been ironed out, but the Music Boosters will assist in any way we can.  In addition, Dr. Hattar would like to see a link to the elementary concerts posted on the district website, listing the musicians names, as an additional way to recognize these students.

Jazz Cafe: We still need donations of food and beverages as well as volunteers for set-up, break-down and serving refreshments during the event. To help out, contact the event chair: Rose Poletti, 

EMB Student Representatives: We discussed the idea of creating spots Middle School and High School Music Boosters Student Representatives. Designated students would be asked to represent the student musician perspective to the group at meetings. Details have yet to be worked out.

Music at Waverly: Mrs. Ness joined us at this meeting and ideas were brainstormed for bringing additional music events to our K-1 students. Ideas included bringing donated instruments to the school for integration into Mrs. Ness’ classes and bringing older student musicians to Waverly for performances and question/answer sessions.