Inaugural Meeting Minutes (February 24, 2015)

Music Boosters Minutes for the Inaugural Meeting Feb. 24, 2015

Called to order at 7:10 pm

Diane Lama President called the meeting to order

  • Introduced herself
  • Introduced Marlo Hunter the VP
  • Introduced Dawn Tyrrell in charge of Membership
  • We have positive feedback amongst the staff
  • Goal to show pride in the students and the programs here at Eastchester
  • Looking to promote the performances of all levels across to the district. Not just have the performances attended by the parents of the students playing, but have others families to attend
  • Parents of former students are thankful about this group starting up.
  • Mentioned not a dues group either after Mr. Cartolano expressed that point for the Eastchester Creative Arts council- instead looking for support from the community
  • Cano over at Crestwood Music for one
  • PO Box at district office
  • District will put a link on the Website for the boosters
    • Suggestion from the audience maybe set up a Moodle to post items
  • Another goal is longevity and to support the faculty
  • What still needs to be done is to
    • Finalize the Mission Statement, Create the By-Laws
    • Put together the rest of the Bard

Mr. Dodge:

  • Introduced Dr. Moran and Mr. Capuano
  • Presented the Spring Jazz Concert in May and an idea he got from attending the Rye jazz concert
    • They did a café type set up
    • Liked the idea and would like to do the one in the Spring that way in the Middle School Cafeteria
    • Would like the Music Boosters to help with the set up and décor for the function
    • Jazz Night Café style might promote a wider gathering of people attending
    • One parent suggested maybe doing it on the lawn in front of the cafeteria so families can set up blankets and enjoy.

Ms. Green:

  • Thanked the families and Dr. Moran for the support of the Music program
  • Introduced the other Music Faculty members in attendance
    • Smith
    • Olsen

Mr. Robert Cartolano:

  • Introduced Eastchester Creative Arts Council
    • Encompasses all of the arts such as Jazz Co, the Film Program and Players Club
  • Announced the Art presentation at the Eastchester Library Thursday Feb. 26th
  • He has about 170 names from the different branches of the Art/Dance/ Music
  • Not a dues group but be a communicator of the Programs at the school district.
  • Talked about how the students spoke to the Board of Ed. Last year when programs were being considered to be eliminated because of budget constraints- especially the film program and it was saved.

Ideas shared/generated by members in attendance:

  • Performances Recordings available for the families
  • Alumni back
    • to talk or play with the current students
    • talk to the students about college
  • Have jam sessions with either staff- not just the ones who are in the Arts program but other talented staff members or parents but a low key event
  • Pep bands at the games
  • Making connection to the other age groups – High School students going to the other levels so those students see what the possibilities are. Perform for the younger grades
    • Olsen said it has been done in the past but difficult to get the release time for the students
    • Could have after school concerts held
  • Providing ushers at the concerts
  • Booster table at the concerts
  • A Waverly Parent proposed A School of Rock type program made available as a club or something
    • Hutch parent mentioned the PTA there offered it as an after school club activity but no one signed up for it
  • The student run Rock Against Cancer was brought up to the group
  • Have a clearing house of all performances
  • Have students play at Harvest Fest or Welcome Back Nights
  • Music Award night recognize the students who have gone to NYSMA and get them the pins
    • Olson mentioned in the past there was a separate awards night for Music
    • Group decided aim for 2016 to institute this idea

Meeting Adjourned at 7:50 pm

Notes were put together by speaker not chronological